Nima Samiee

Numèro Russia 053


My editorial for NUMERO russia

After 8 years working as a photographer and traveling thanks to my job , i came to milano to follow the way to make my dreams true in 2012 when i came to milano, i had to stay in a hotel for a while , until i find a new appartment for my self , meanwhile i met a woman who lives in milano with her husbent and 3 childrens it was so easy to understand in the really first moment that she is a wellty woman.

We became friends and talk together sometimes , i never understood why whe lives in the hotel if she already has a house in the same city, thats why i start to use my imaginations as an artist, and creat 1000 of stories about her without knowing her well.

For sure im not a fan of judging people, but my mind start ti creat a private life fot that woman and called the stoey SECRETs HOTEL. After 6 years i had a chance to show this story in a project as a photographer but i grew up a lot in milano . Being in a new city, alone for 6 years wasnt so easy for me , and it
change me a lot .

If i look back and see my sef in 6 or 7 years befor, i see my self totaly difrent . Maybe that is the reason i imagine all the story in vintage mood to show the
long distance of my self now and 6 years before

  • Stylist : Giorgio Branduardi 
  • Assitent : Davide Spinella
  • Make Up : Elisa Rampi 
  • Hairstylist : Chiara Bonacina 
  • Digital : Massimo Fusardi
  • Models Albina Gluck & jonas Benner 
Hotel Principe Di Savoia Milano
Nima Samiee
Nima Samiee